tirsdag 30. januar 2018

Eggeforkle / egg-collecting apron

This apron was made last November, and sent off to Australia as a suprise birthday present. 
My Aussie sister (both of them actually) keeps hens, and the second sister posted this link as a joke on Facebook. I don't like to crochet, but I really liked the idea, so I "translated" the pattern into a sewing pattern. I got help to figure out the size of the egg pockets from some other links online, I'm not the first person to make one.

I found this farm yard fabric and some padding at my local craft store, and got sewing. It turned out pretty cool, and the recipient and her daughter did a beautiful job of modelling and reviewing the apron on Instragram stories when they got it in the mail. 

They live on a lovely farm in Victoria, Australia, and we spent some time with them in July last year. My boys got very friendly with their kids and got to help out with the chores on the farm. We had a lovely time!

A pocket for the mobile phone is a must

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