søndag 14. februar 2016

Anya shoulderbag

Before CHristmas I won the pattern for the Anya shoulderbag from http://sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.no/ In return, Zoe wanted me to sew the bag(!) and take some photos of it.

Here is my first attempt on making the shoulderbag, and it turned out quite nice.
As I wasn't sure of the size, I made it up in a fabric I have plenty of, and that wasn't meant for any specific purpose. It's a quite sturdy cotton from IKEA, quite similar to canvas(?).

The pattern consists of three pieces; the bag, the button tab and the yoke. In addition you have to cut the shoulder straps - two rectangles.
Zoe's instructions are clear and detailed, with lots of photos to guide you through every step, from cutting the fabric to finishing your bag, so this project is very suitable for beginners. For the experienced sewist, just after a nice shoulder bag, it's an easy make that can be customized to suit your needs.
I added an inside pocket in the lining to hold my bus pass, other than that I followed the instructions.
As I am short, the shoulder straps are shortened quite a bit.

I am very happy with the bag I've made, and plan to make more in other fabrics.

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