torsdag 21. mars 2013

Giraffes for a tall baby boy

My cousin had gave birth to her first child this week, a tall baby boy. Not surprizing, perhaps, considering how tall his parent are.
Anyhow, the present had to be made a size bigger than planned, no point in sending him something he'll grow out of too soon. And what is more suitable for a new born of 57 cm/ 22.5" than giraffes?

I have some lime green jersey that matched perfectly. Too bad it didn't match quite as well with my coverstich machine and bias tape folder... I had to undo it several times, and it meant I went for a plain pair of pants. There's no point in creating more problems for myself than necessary, and a plain pair of pants will match some of his other clothes too, hopefully. My lime green snaps also mathced well with the jersey.

The pattern for the onesie (size 74) is from Heilt spesiell, while I've created the pattern for the pants (size 80).
Fabrics from all over the place: Mina små (giraffes), JNY (lime green jersey and brown interlock) and Kreativ (brown Stenzo stretch).

I hope the new family is doing well and that the little cousin can use these clothes.

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