mandag 26. august 2013

Stars and stripes - PJ

Not stars and stripes the American way, but stars and stripes non the less. From JNY.

A couple of my oldest's Summer PJs have been with us for very long, and he wanted some new ones. Especially after his little brother got some.

When I make things for my picky and creative 7-year-old, I always let him decide how it's going to look, and we usually make a sketch before I start cutting.
He settled on these two fabric with yellow interlock along the front buttons. I thought the combination was slightly crazy, but it turned out quite cool. When he's got his PJs on, it actually looks like he's wearing shorts and a long t-shirt.

All fabrics are from JNY, the pattern for the PJ I've created myself. Probably around a size 122 (I have no idea, but that's about how big he is).

I struggled quite a bit with the Coverpro along the front of the neck, but the hemming on the sleeves and legs went fine. I used a double stitch with turquoise and blue.

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