fredag 5. desember 2014

Coco(a) with a touch of onion

or the dress that almost didn't happen.

I'd seen lots of photos of nice Coco-dresses (from Tilly and the buttons) all over the internet, and decided I needed one. I bought this green jersey with little stretch at my local Stoff og stil, and got sewing.
When it got time to put it on, it was like putting on a sack... Yes, I like the Coco dress, it's just not for my body shape.
I decided to add some darts at the chest and at the back (those are probably not called darts), and sewed on in good spirits, but it didn't seem to want to co-operate. In the end I chucked it in a corner and got stuck into something else.

I did really want that dress though, so I picked it back up after a while, and decided to use my alteret pattern for Onion 2045 to get the right fit across the bust and upper back. This meant adding bust darts (a little lower than the first ones I put in) and generally taking the dress in a little in the shoulder and side seams above the waist. I also ended up changing the sleevecaps to the shape of the Onion 2045 sleeves. Finally! The dress fits, pretty well anyway.

The bust darts are still a bit high, caused, I think, by the changed sleeves. It seems the whole dress tips a bit to the back, the shoulder seems are not at the top of my shoulders. Also the dress is a bit shorter than planned, as I raised the hemline a few centimetres with my darts.

But all in all, I'm happy with the dress, and I like wearing it.

Excuse the quality of my photos, they were taken by my son.

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  1. Your modifications are great! Well done, it looks lovely and comfy too :)


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