søndag 28. desember 2014

Norwegian knitting for the Aussies

My Australian (not so) little brother and his lovely wife stayed with us for Christmas this year. I thought long and hard about what to give them for Christmas, and decided that something useful and small would be best, as they were doing some travelling in Norway after leaving us, and also I know the amount of stuff they can take back down under is limited.

The Marius pattern is a Norwegian design based on traditional Norwegian knitting, and it's become very popular over the last few years. Two of my boys (one being the husband) have jumpers/ sweaters and beanies, and I have to jumpers/ sweaters.
I ended up knitting them a beanie/ hat and mittens each, to keep them nice and warm on their travels in Norway and back in London. They may even prove useful in the Melbourne winter next year.

The set for my brother is in the traditional Norwegian colors, while the misses got the same colors as my second jumper.

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